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Emily  Bauer

Emily Bauer

INTV Audios on YouTube brought me here!!

I was so glad when I saw the post about the private programs continuing here I clicked and joined all in the space of 5 minutes! Plus Israel has the sexiest voice on the planet! I LOVE ALL of INTV Audios so much! I now MUST HAVE MY EEMG TV!
Ashley Bryner

Ashley Bryner

I am in love with the werewolf series.

I had to find out what happened with ZEV in this series! I'm glad I did because now I found a lot of shows not offered on the YT channel that I ADORE, like Weirdo Girlfriend because that's ME! LOL.
Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones

I like losing weight with "The Voice."

I am loving all I see here, but Voice of Weight Loss Channel is the one for me. I downloaded the CD's from (thevoiceofweightloss.net) a month ago and my life has changed! With Covid, can't get out, so using all of Israel's CDs for weight loss has been my God send. Plus, listening to that voice! It's so calm and reassuring. It really is inner healing AND weight loss.

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