Hey all MAH LUVS!

I wanted to take some time and come here and just speak to you for a few minutes about where things are with EEMG TV! As you know I have taken it over fully and right now we are not doing any NEW PROGRAMS right now until next month. The entire site and operation is going through a huge change!  I’m glad so many of you have reached out to me expressing that you are fine with this because it gives you time to CATCH UP on all of the programs we have on the site now. I should also say that it has not stopped people from still subscribing! The truth is there is enough content to keep anyone busy for a couple of months!

I am extremely excited about what is coming this 2022! We will complete some series', and begin brand new series, we will have some ASMR DRAMAS that feature several voices in real time, there will be LIVE STREAMING WITH ME, I WILL DO A Q & A night, there will be a monthly  “LOVE ADVICE, DADDY ADVICE” call that only MEMBERS can jump on and speak with me LIVE AND ASK QUESTIONS and MOST EXCITING is our new affiliate marketing program that will allow those who want to earn several hundred dollars a month sharing our site with others, can earn; in other words if you tell 10 20 people about us and they come on and join You will get the first month of their subscription and something each month as long as they stick around! Still working out the details but this is already working for our separate site WHICH I DO OWN AND HAVE OPERATED FOR 4 YEARS NOW

I thank you for your patience as I am also putting together a team to help run it all because I still have two YOUTUBE CHANNELS WITH ABOUT 80,000 SUBS TOGETHER!

Thank you so much for how you have embraced everything I am doing and I am so excited to finally be able to give you what I think you will like and appreciate. So, please have a marvelous December! I am going to come back in about a week with another letter announcing some Christmas gifts that I think you will like giving to others that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will be most enjoyed by those who you give it to! SO PLEASE, keep an eye out for more email from me and don’t buy presents just yet until you see what I have to offer that may save you so much time and money and  make those who receive it very happy!!!

I love you so much!



Daddy… know who you are!