OCTOBER 16, 2021!

Daddy's Dark Whispers +18 normally playing on SATURDAY, and the ONLY PROGRAM with a certain day attached to it will play SUNDAY OCTOBER 17TH! Also released on that date will be ZEV! WEREWOLF IN LOVE!


Over the past year we have experimented with setting daily schedules and from the extensive data we have on who watches, where and where it does not seem to make a difference; people normally come on when they received emails like this or they just come on at any time and watch/listen to whatever they want, sometimes to content that has been up for months!

Starting in OCTOBER we will do away with programming on certain days and just inform of you when we do post! But we can PROMISE you that we will post multiple videos each week and make sure they are not to spread apart, so that you can keep up on the series because ISRAEL seems to be the master of suspense and the "cliffhanger!" So just know you will get your subscription price worth each month!

We will conclude all series by the end of 2021 and will move into NEW ASMR DRAMAS & SERIES that literally feature more than THE VOICE OF INTV but other great actors and voices and bring entire new life to ASMR AND AUDIO DRAMAS; I hope you stick around for that; the first of that form of ASMR will begin this fall with the much anticipated series; "THREE-SOME" as a trial series to see if it is something our audience appreciates.

Thank you for your support of INTV AND ISRAEL/DADDY! We are planning some marvelous things for 2022 where YOU WILL GET TO INTERACT MORE WITH DADDY/ISRAEL on personal calls, live streams and more so STAY TUNE!

Ryan Andrew.


Israel Night Time Voice Network

Thank you Subscribers!

We HOPE you enjoy this new direction! See the NEW SCHEDULE HERE!

Thank you for being there!

Israel's Night Time Voice Network!